RCHP-AHC purchased and renovated a single family, 3-BR home in Highland Park in April 2008 with funding from the NJHMFA Special Needs Trust Fund and Middlesex County HOME Investment Partnership program to create permanent housing for a homeless single parent with children. There is no project-based rental assistance voucher allocated for this project, however rental assistance has been provided to the residents by either a tenant-based SRAP or Temporary Rental Assistance (TRA) provided by the Middlesex Board of Social Services. The three families who lived there since its opening have been active in a variety of church activities including assisting with the garden, attending youth group, and attending church services.

A second home was purchased primarily with funds from the Middlesex County HOME Investment Partnership and a $75,000.00 loan from the Reformed Church of America (RCA) Church Growth Fund. It is home to five very low income Rutgers University students, ranging in age from 25 to 55, who had to overcome significant life obstacles before they could get a college education.  Two female students share a 1-BR apartment on the first floor and three male students share a 3-BR apartment on the second floor.  All the students have jobs and/or do volunteer work in addition to going to classes.  To make this housing affordable for the students, RCHP Affordable Housing Corp. charges the tenants well below the fair market rent allowable in Middlesex County and includes utilities in their payment.  The success of this nascent project has led Rutgers and RCHP-AHC to discuss possible future collaborations.

Working with Faith Communities & Local Groups to Provide Supportive Housing for People with Special Needs