Brill House, purchased entirely with a loan from the RCA Church Growth Fund, is home to eight homeless individuals who have a mental health diagnosis.  The two 3-BR apartments, each with two single and one larger double bedroom, kitchen, bathroom and living room provide housing for four women and four men.  The Division of Mental Health and Addiction Services provides housing vouchers, based on tenant income, which subsidize the cost of the rent, while tenants pay for gas and electric on their own. The top floor of the house is an office for staff from Rutgers University Behavioral HealthCare who provide case management services to the residents of Brill House and the two Shiimti Apartments houses.  Some of the residents of Brill House have been homeless for many years, moving from one place to another, sometimes living on the street.  Having stable housing has allowed them to get mental health and/or substance abuse treatment, take care of long standing medical issues, get dental and vision care, and apply for jobs or government benefits.

Working with Faith Communities & Local Groups to Provide Supportive Housing for People with Special Needs