Volunteer Opportunities

You can help create a compassionate community for others.  We are in constant need of the following assistance from individuals and volunteer groups:

RCHP-AHC renovates vacant buildings to provide warm, safe, and functional homes for low-income and special needs tenants. Skilled and unskilled volunteers can help with landscaping, painting, scraping, and other types of rehabilitation and beautification work.

Volunteers provide occasional transportation for clients to important appointments.

Volunteers help to:

  • Connect tenants to jobs and resources (networking),
  • Create recreational opportunities for tenants (Invite to a play, museum, baseball game)

Volunteers provide:

  • Tenant advocacy
  • Job shadowing
  • Companionship for a tenant in need
  • Invitation to your home for a holiday


Working with Faith Communities & Local Groups to Provide Supportive Housing for People with Special Needs