RCHP-AHC believes faith communities are uniquely positioned to provide affordable housing and offer proper community support for the people in New Jersey who need it most. Partners at the municipal, county, state and federal levels have come to share this belief. With significant volunteer contributions from faith communities and the energy that comes from cohesive local effort, we provide quality projects in a fiscally responsible, cost-efficient manner.

RCHP-AHC seeks vouchers to help underwrite the cost of rent, so that it might be actually affordable to very low-income New Jerseyans. RCHP-AHC has found other creative ways to charge low rent that have assisted tenants.

Our organization is fortunate to have been founded during a wonderful period in NJ subsidy history, during which the state rental assistance program provided us with ample vouchers that enabled us to construct our first two housing complexes. Since this period, the mix has been comprised of “Shelter + Care”, County leasing, HUD VASH, and traditional Section 8 vouchers.

Faith communities act as conduits connecting us to networks of potential support services that exist in the community. We work to make those support services available to the tenants of our housing.

Working with Faith Communities & Local Groups to Provide Supportive Housing for People with Special Needs